About The Faculty


Welcome Dean of Faculty
The Faculty of Physics at the University of Tabriz is one of the leading Physics faculties in the country, with outstanding staff members and students undertaking superior teaching and research. Our 40 staff and 200 postgraduate students conduct research in miscellaneous range of interests nanophysics to Astrophysics and theoretical modeling to laboratory experiments.
Our faculty is a home to faculty members the perspective of different physics sub-disciplines, atomic and molecular physics, solid states physics, biophysics and cosmology to high energy, soft matter, nuclear and theoretical physics. Navigate through our site to find summaries and links to our diverse research activities.
We are committed to provide students with a high quality teaching and a decent research environment to ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel. Our students are taught by a variety of innovative courses and methods, and have opportunities to have deep understanding of physics and do research works quite comparable with high quality research works being accomplished in the world’s famous universities and research centers. If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, please feel free to make contact with individual faculty members listed on this site, as well as our friendly administrative staff about the programs and variety of opportunities we offer.