Associate Director for Research

Samad Roshan Entezar was born in Tabriz, Iran, in 1969. He received the M.S. degree in physics (atomic and molecular) and the Ph.D. degree in laser physics university of Tabriz, Iran, in 2001 and 2006, respectively. In 2007, he joined the Physics Department of University of Tabriz as an assistant professor of Physics. His current research activities are in the fields of quantum optics in photonic crystals, linear and nonlinear optics in photonic crystal and metamaterial. Dr. Roshan Entezar has authored and co-authored more than 47 scientific papers in peer-referred international journals

Research and technology assistant of Faculty of Physics

Name:                                  Samad

Date of birth:                    4/25/1969

Place of birth:                   Tabriz-Iran

Nationality:                        Iranian

Present Position:             Associate Professor, Faculty of physics, University of Tabriz

Mailing address:              Faculty of physics, University of Tabriz,Tabriz-Iran

Telephone No :                1- ( 98)(411)3393312


Educational Background:


Ph.D in Laser Physics, University of Tabriz, Iran 2006

M.Sc in Laser Physics, University of Tabriz, Iran 2002

B.Sc in Applied Physics, University of Tabriz, Iran 1995


Field of interest:              1- Quantum Optics.

                                               2- Photonic crystals.

                                               3- Metamaterials.