Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics

The Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics has been established in 1995 by recruiting PhD students in the laser and plasma fields. Now, the department has been equipped by various educational and research facilities such as introductory and advanced laser and plasma labs, geometrical and wave optics laboratory. Furthermore, seven full-time academic staff, three emeritus professors and three master laboratory technicians are working on various theoretical and experimental researches as well as teaching different courses.
Currently, the research fields in the department include various subjects such as Photonic Crystals, Metamaterial, Nonlinear Optics, Plasmon, Polariton, Magneto-Optics, Laser-Matter Interaction, Optical Properties of Graphene, Quantomic Systems, Laser-Plasma Interaction, Plasma Focus, Nuclear Fusion, Space Plasmas, Particle Acceleration, Magnetic Reconnection, etc.