Department of Theoretical & Astronomical Physics

Theoretical and Astrophysics Department


Until 1995 Theoretical and Astrophysics group was active as one of the subgroups of the Physics Department. By developing the Physics department and becoming the Physics Department to Faculty of Physics, Theoretical and Astrophysics Department formed on 1995. This department with the largest number of the members is the largest departments of faculty of Physics, however considering the activity of the department on teaching, research, publication and projects make this department as the one of the best department’s in faculty of Physics.


Programs: Under graduate, Master, PH.D degree in the following programs:

Astrophysics (Solar Physics and Stellar Physics) (Prof. Davood Jassur, Dr. Hossein Ebadi, Dr. Zahra Fazel)

Quantum Information and Quantum Computing (Prof. Mohammad Ali Jafarizadeh, Dr. Mahdi Rezaei, Dr. Rahimeh Sofiani, Dr. Mahmoud Mahdian).

Gravity & Cosmology (Dr. Hossein Motavalli, Dr. Amin Rezaei)

Mathematical Physics (Prof. Mohammad Ali Jafarizadeh, Prof. Hossein Fakhri, Dr. Hossein Motavalli, Dr. Mahdi Rezaei)

Biophysics and Complex Systems (Dr. Hossein Motavalli, Dr. Mahdi Rezaei)

Physics of Elementary Particles (Dr. Amin Rezaei)


Research Labs:

We are collaborating with Khajeh Nasiredin Tousi observatory center: It is located on 45 km South of the Tabriz with latitude 38 degree North and longitude 46 degree East. There are two kinds of reflection and refraction Telescopes:

1-      Two reflection Telescopes with Cassegrain focus and mirrors with the Diameters of 60 and 40 centimetres and focal number f/11.

2-      One refraction 15 centimetre Telescope.

Other systems and equipment’s are as:

-          One Channel Photometer with standard UBV filter.

-          CCD Camera

-          Hα Filter for observation of Sun


-          We are collaborating with University of Tabriz solar lab site which is equipped with siderostat.